When are full face masks needed?

If you have any persistent nasal issues; frequent nasal congestion, frequent sinusitis, rhinitis, deviated septum, or often need to use nasal decongesting sprays, you will more than likely use a full face masks. The reason is that you might find it difficult to take the CPAP machine pressure through your nose if the nose is not 100% clear.

Full-face masks account for approx. 40% of users, so they are very commonly needed. The designs have vastly improved in recent years, with smaller ‘hyrbid’ masks now available which do not cover the nose but sit under it, allowing the user to mouth-breathe.

Some people feel that because they mouth-breath before they start CPAP, they will need a full face mask when using CPAP. Don’t worry about that – EVERYBODY WITH SLEEP APNEA MOUTH-BREATHES WHEN NOT USING CPAP. Most of these will adjust to nasal breathing when on CPAP, if the nose is unobstructed.

The question of which mask will be needed should be answered by the first sentence above. Contact us for more information.