Travel CPAP

CPAP use will not hold you back from travelling or spending nights away from home. When travelling abroad, we strongly advise that the machine be carried as hand luggage both to prevent damage and to be sure the machine ends up in the same location as you when travelling through airports.

Airports are very used to seeing CPAP machines coming through security checks and you will rarely come across any questions. CPAP devices are regarded as personal medical devices so do not count as one of your pieces of carry-on luggage.

However, it can be advisable to have a letter from your consultant to confirm you need to carry CPAP as hand luggage. This letter is provided by most consultants when you commence CPAP, and you can leave it in the carry bag to be presented when needed. 

All machines have dual-voltage and automatically adjust to 110/220v so they will work in any country. Just bring the plug adaptor if required.

It can be a good idea to leave an extension cable in the CPAP bag for use in hotels, particularly if you spend nights away from home frequently. Often you’ll find the only available socket in the room is nowhere near the bed!In our range of devices we carry a CPAP specifically designed for travel use – see the Transcend Travel CPAP which has an optional 12v battery to enable use when mains power is not available. Contact us for more information.