CPAP Rent or buy?

Before deciding whether to rent or purchase your CPAP be sure you are aware of the merits of each. Also, know where you stand in case of break-down or a service requirement.

On our first meeting with new customers we will explain all costs and options. If you wish to clarify this fully in advance, or would like prices for any products, please contact us.

HSE Drugs Payments Scheme: This scheme is not means tested, and is for non-medical card holders only. Before making a claim you must register with the scheme – download the application form here.

CPAP monthly rental and mask costs are refundable under the Drugs Payment Scheme. Under this scheme, non-medical card holders pay their own prescription medication costs up to €115 per family, per month. If your prescription costs, added to your CPAP rental costs, exceed this figure, you should submit a claim form to recoup the excess. These forms are available here and should be forwarded to the address on the form. You must include pharmacy and CPAP receipts for the same month.