Celebrating 30 Years in Business

We have been supplying CPAP in Ireland since 1990, and are one of the most experienced and longest established suppliers in the country. We are one of the only fully Irish-owned CPAP suppliers and have many clients who have been using CPAP for over 30 years.Read More…

The experience we have gained in this time helps all of our customers adapt to CPAP and use it successfully and long-term. Our staff includes 6 qualified nurses with extensive experience, dedicated to supporting our CPAP customers nationwide, with 10 further administrative and technical support staff based in our main office in Athlone.

We carry a range of CPAP machines and an ever-increasing range of masks, to cater for all needs and budgets. The education and advice provided by your clinic, coupled with the service and experience provided by your supplier, will be vital in achieving successful outcomes for CPAP users.

Our technicians are there to assist clients in adapting and adhering to CPAP therapy, and to liaise with the sleep clinic in order to optimise the success of treatment for you. It is very common to have small issues in the early days of using CPAP, but having those addressed correctly and quickly will result in a smooth adaptation to CPAP therapy.
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