Sleep Apnea Masks

We stock a wide range of CPAP / Sleep Apnea masks from all of the leading global manufacturers including ResMed, Philips, Fisher & Paykel.

When you commence CPAP therapy, one of our technicians will guide you through the mask options at set-up, explaining the various models and selecting which best suits your needs. You don’t need to worry about choosing the right mask, that’s largely our job. In some cases the sleep clinic will explain mask options to you.

Most of the difficulties people report regarding CPAP use will relate to masks. Should you encounter any issues when using yours, you can be certain we’ve seen it before and more than likely have a solution.

If you need to replace your existing mask please give us a call or email. We probably have it in stock available for next day delivery. We also stock parts for most of these masks, so you may not need to replace the entire mask. Our range is constantly expanding as we continually add the most modern mask options, so please contact us for information on the current range.

There are three categories of CPAP mask, and our technicians will explain the merits of each for you – contact us today.