MEDISTROM Pilot-24 CPAP Battery

Whether you need to use your CPAP during a long-haul flight, in a tent miles from mains power, or simply want the peace-of-mind that you have back-up power for your CPAP at all times, the MediStrom Pilot 24 CPAP battery ticks all the boxes!

The Pilot-24 is compatible with all of our devices:

Sefam S.Box*
BMC M1 Mini Travel CPAP*
ResMed AirSense 11*
ResMed AirSense 10
(*Cable Kits sold separately)

Pilot-24 can also be used as a charging station for various electronic devices. The built-in USB port allows the Pilot-24 Lite to power countless handheld electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets and cameras.

Price €410  incl vat
(Cable kits for some models sold separately, price €11-€24)

Medistrom Pilot 24 CPAP Battery