Hoffrichter BluBuzz Sleep Position Trainer

Are you constantly woken up at night by your partner’s snoring, or are you told you snore primarily when lying on your back? Does the snoring stop when lying on the side?

Then the Hoffrichter BluBuzz offers the solution to waking up together well-rested. The Blubuzz is designed especially for ‘back snorers’. The BluBuzz detects when the snorer lies on their back and then gives a subtle vibration, so they change position without disruption. Hence they avoid lying on their back and significantly reduce snoring.

Hoffrichter BluBuzz is a very effective and very simple alternative to other aids that are intended to prevent lying on your back while sleeping (such as sleep vests) or to devices that are intended to prevent the consequences of sleeping on your back.


· Learning effect (the body can ‘wean off’ the supine position)

· Comfortable & easy to wear, requires no adjustment time

· Quiet, painless, non-invasive with no side effects

· Stays in place all night

· The partner also benefits from the reduction in snoring

· Suitable for travel because it is light (20 gr), small (42 x 34 x 14 mm) and easy to carry

· Suitable for all adults (≥ 18 years / 40 kg / 1.45 m)

· No ongoing cost

· No prescription required

· Price €299 incl. vat

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